Community Partners

Shasta College

TCEF was instrumental in assisting Shasta College with the selection of the present site of the Shasta College Tehama Campus established in 1997, and continues to influence the campus growth and development. The campus provides educational oportunities and comprehensive student support services to the residents of the county by offering Associate Degrees, Certificates, specialized instruction and vocational technical training to meet the needs of Tehama County. With the new state-of-the-art campus to be completed in Fall 2009, the Shasta College Tehama Campus continues to expand courses in forestry, natural resources, agriculture, and health occupations and extend offerings to communities throughout the county. Shasta College is proud to be affiliated with TCEF and the many programs it has initiated and sustained to enhance the educational environment.

Tehama County Health PartnershipThe Tehama County Health Partnership (TCHP) is a community coalition that cares about our community’s future and is dedicated to making Tehama County a healthy, high quality place to live and enjoy life. Their vision is to develop a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing the broader determinants of population health; thus redefining the concept of health to include not only physical and mental health but also education, economy, safety, housing, transportation, recreation and other aspects that influence our quality of life. The Tehama County Education Foundation is a supporting program partner with TCHP in this work.